After having achieved huge success in the Cement trading business, the company started looking for further avenues of business growth. Keeping this thought in mind, NCPL has started constructing and selling many buildings in multiple sectors of Noida. Its projects include residential, industrial as well as commercial projects with sizes varying from as small as 450 sq. mtr. plots to as large as 5000 sq. mtr.

The Year 2007 saw the formation of NCPL Developers Private Limited, which has not only built many landmark buildings but has also taken up the business of buying, selling, leasing, and maintaining commercial/ industrial properties built within the group for its various clients.

In line with the group policy of delivering value to the customers through products of highest quality and unsurpassed service, NCPL Developers aim to create a work environment for their clients comparable to the best in industry through well designed, well constructed and well maintained buildings, offering best of amenities and facilities.

NCPL Developers are now looking for new avenues of expansion in the Real Estate sector within Delhi NCR region.