Hi - End Luxury Furniture

Every furniture piece that carries the distinctive Casa Shamuzzi brand upholds the company's high standards of design excellence and fine craftsmanship.

Casa Shamuzzi is a brand that has been created to transform living environments and so to transform the quality of life for those who choose to furnish their home with our unique collections.

Impression counts and with Casa Shamuzzi you will always leave a lasting impression of comfort, style and sophistication. But more than anything else, Casa Shamuzzi creates a sense of opulent grandeur, underpinned by a combination of inspired freshness and stylish sophistication that hasn't been seen before. Casa Shamuzzi is a brand powered by passion. Our designs embrace a new level of creativity for an optimistic new world, a new level of comfort to take time out and celebrate the good things in life with a new level of value for a smarter investment.

Casa Shamuzzi's extensive range of premium furniture boasts of artistic excellence and premium style. As a premium brand, Casa provides a classic range of eco-luxury furniture. Our aim is to complement the desires of our customers in a fashion that they become truly satisfied. For this, we take complete care to choose the ideal materials to craft our furniture. Our expertise lies in presenting a line of economical furniture designed with the Laquar paint which gives durability as well as long-lasting protection. In addition to this, for the framing purpose, we use Oak-wood, which is light in weight and at the same time helpful for storage. Also, to enhance the life of the furniture, we go for Alcantara or full leatherette fabric. In a nutshell, at Casa Shamuzzi, we go that extra mile to craft a piece of extraordinary luxury furniture that creates a lasting impression on one and all.